Why do we want to start a coffee roasting business?

I love coffee. I guess I can stop there and post this to twitter….

If you guys want the long story, here it goes. I was sitting at my desk after my wife had sent me a message that her contract at work wouldn’t be renewed. That same day we had been told at work that things weren’t going so well. We had recently had our third child. ***queue spinning room and hyperventilation***

Reality is we have it better than most and our lives are pretty awesome and unique. My wife works part- time from home so she can manage the house and kids. She also homeschools our two oldest (girl, 8 and boy, 4). My job is also really flexible when it comes to family, so I can be part of my kids lives too. Our little family is pretty tight, it is our priority and we are doing our best to raise these kids right.  BUT when you’re faced with a potential huge life change, a lot of stuff runs through your mind. Most of it isn’t good and THE WHAT IFs START BUILDING AND BUILDING.  

So on the way home I stopped to get some coffee to unwind a bit. This is my usual coffee shop when I want the good stuff and a good selection. I ordered my pour-over and handed the barista by card to take care of my $3 order. As I took my first sip, I thought to myself “I know coffee, I love coffee, I can do this and probably better”. On the drive home I made a mental list of what coffee based business I could start. I got home and told my wife “I want to start a coffee business”. Without hesitation, she agreed. She’s cool like that.

We spent the next few weeks investigating what we could do. We knew we had a little time to finalize the idea so we made sure we were ready to jump in.  When we put all the ideas on the table we figured that a small scale coffee roasting business was the right fit. The start up costs were low enough that we could cover it with an extra savings account my wife had started. Also, we realized our current skill sets and professional work experience would transfer over and be a big help in the start up.

So that’s it, Café Tres Estrellas (Three Star Coffee, one star for each of our kids) was born. We’ve been busy researching branding, social media, coffee roasting, coffee roasters, licensing, permitting, etc, etc, etc. We want to make sure we get this started right from the get go so we can focus on making really good, delicious coffee. No fancy flavors, just REALLY good coffee.

So we hope you stick around for the journey. Thanks for reading…and

Make Like Better…Drink Coffee


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