There is a method to my madness

I just added 2 more coffee brewing methods to my arsenal. That brings it to a total of 4. Some people might not agree that they all taste different but they all have their subtle nuances. Below is a description of each with what I consider to be their best qualities.


French Press

This was the first upgrade from my high end drip coffee maker. Going from a drip system, I liked it because I was able to control the process better. You start to experience coffee at a whole new level, both visually and  in taste.

The process is as follows:

  1. Heat water in electric tea kettle
  2. Measure 3tsp of freshly ground coffee into carafe
  3. When water starts to boil, pour into carafe and stir
  4. Set timer for 4 minutes
  5. Replace lid with plunger in top position. Start timer
  6. When time expires, slowly lower plunger/sive
  7. Pour coffee into mug

Pour Over

Yet another step in the right direction. I was told about this method by a coworker. We both like really good coffee. Incidentally, he is indebted to me for life because I told him about the coffee shop/roaster that I wrote about in a previous blog. He said that on a visit to this shop, his wife accidentally ordered a pourover. And to this day, we’re glad she did. If you are on a budget, this is a good option to start enjoying flavorful coffee.

  1. Heat 500ml of water
  2. Place pour over device on mug and insert filter
  3. Measure out 30g of freshly ground coffee
  4. When the water is heated, slowly pour the water over the grounds (get it?)
  5. Let the water flow through the pour over device into the mug and enjoy

These last two I recently purchased so I’m still trying to rank them in my arsenal. I’m leaning toward the Chemex


This method is the most unique of the four. You use a plunger to force the water through the filter. It’s a smaller amount of coffee but it makes up for that in flavor.

  1. Assemble AeroPress
  2. Heat 240mL of wafer
  3. Measure 15g of freshly ground coffee into AeroPress
  4. Place filter into cap and wet slightly
  5. Pour in 100ml of water and stir for 30 seconds
  6. Pour in remaining water and let stand for 1:30 (total time)
  7. Place cap with filter on AeroPress
  8. Flip device over onto mug
  9. Press the plunger down (20 second duration) to push coffee into mug and enjoy


So far this is my favorite method. The coffee that it produces comes out smooth and full bodied. I regret getting the small version of the tool but I can live with it. The filter is thicker that a regular coffee filter so it’s kind of a cross between a french press (steep) and a pour over. It’s made of glass like a french press so you really have to be careful with it.

  1. Heat 400ml of water (I have the small Chemex)
  2. Fold filter and place into carafe
  3. Measure out 25g of freshly ground coffee
  4. Pour 100ml of water into filter, wait 30 seconds
  5. Pour remaining water into filter and allow to flow into carafe
  6. Remove filter and swirl coffee a few times to mix
  7. Pour into mug and enjoy

There you have it, all the ways I enjoy coffee. As you can see, freshly ground coffee is common to all of them. Better yet, freshly roasted coffee is even better.

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