Sitting in a coffee house

I’m sitting in a large chain coffee house and I’m not liking my coffee. It is all they do but it doesn’t taste like it. It tastes like they are just completing a task and not like a passion. I understand that the college girl behind the counter probably isn’t passionate about coffee but the company should be passionate about their ingredients. They should put more thought into what they serve instead of how they serve it. I know the question on everyone’s mind is “well then why are you there?” The answer: They have an awesome location. It’s right by the waterfront and it’s 5 minutes from my house. I’m here for the WiFi and the peace and quiet. I can plug in my headphones and get some writing done.


The people flock here by the dozens. It’s like when you go to vacation and the food tastes like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Then when you get home and make the same food, it tastes plain. In this case, it’s the opposite, the coffee at this mini vacation spot tastes bland. Old, flat and stale are the tasting notes I would use. This is the exact reason we’re starting our own business.


We have passion for coffee. We have a love for coffee. And it will show in our product.


Maybe this coffee chain had passion at one point. Maybe they had love for the coffee they made when they started. Maybe you just lose all that when you get so big and it just becomes commercial.


This might sound cliche but, we will never let this happen to us. We are making those important decisions now so as we grow our personal values are always in mind. We feel so passionate about coffee that we don’t want to ruin it. Not only do we feel passionate about coffee, we also feel that way about our family. Putting these two things together, we hope, will make our business a passion and not a task.

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