It Was A Sad Day

Me: Dude…we should have bought more coffee


Dave: Where is that?

Me: Bean Crazy

Dave: Are they done?

Me: Place is empty

Dave: Well that really sucks

This was the actual exchange that my co-worker and I had Friday via text. It was Friday the 13th after all, things like this happen. I went to get a coffee in the morning and stopped by the coffee shop I wrote about in our first blog post. There were no chairs outside and the “open” sign wasn’t on. I figured that the barista was late (it’s happened before). So I parked my car and walked to the door. When I saw the signs on the door (see above), I felt sick to my stomach.

One can only guess what happened. I looked at their Facebook page and there wasn’t any additional information there. I guess having a big, commercial coffee house right around the corner didn’t help. There is also a bagel shop that serves coffee so that didn’t help either.

The strip mall (or promenade, as the patrons of that strip mall might call it) where the big coffee house and bagel shop were located was much newer and in a better location. They had a fountain and outdoor seating area. If you got tired of coffee and bagels you could get a juice at the juice bar. But all this fluff doesn’t make the coffee taste better. The people that hang out there go there for the atmosphere. They want to be in the “cool place”. Unfortunately the people here wouldn’t know good coffee if Alfred Peet served it to them.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all had coffee from the big guys. What I don’t get is why people don’t look for better coffee after they’ve had the commercial stuff? Granted, the small coffee shop doesn’t have the fancy cups and sugar laden caramel drinks. All they had was good coffee!
This post might sound like I’m bitter. If so, I guess I’ve written it right. I guess my whole point is, if someone offered you the choice of getting a Cadillac you could drive around a busy street or a Rolls Royce you could only drive up and down your street (for the same price as the Cadillac) why would you pick the Cadillac??? So make it a point to shop “small business” that take really take pride in their work because not everyone gets to drive around in a Rolls!

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