EP002- The CTE Podcast- Reading Everyday Can Make Big Changes.

Hello everybody and welcome to The CTE Podcast. Thanks for tuning in. I’m your host, Andres Paniagua. This podcast is brought to you by Cafe Tres Estrellas. CTE is ansmall batch coffee roaster that specializes in fair trade organic coffee. If you need a good cup of coffee, visit them at cafetresestrellas.com. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the show.
This is episode 002 of the podcast and today I’ll be talking about how reading can improve your mental ability.
I have a question for everyone. Why should you read every day. A while back I found myself kind of stuck. Kind of like my head wasn’t on straight. I was in a fog. It turns out that my brain was on auto pilot. It was just going through the motions. Don’t get me wrong, I was getting stuff done, but I felt like I was just checking things off of a list.
Once I started reading, all that changed. And when I say reading, I mean making time to read something that had nothing to do with my day. Leisure, self help, educational, whatever it is, it’ll make improvements in your life. Not only because you learn something new, but you’re mainly because you’re exercising the most important muscle in your body. Your brain.
So here 6 reasons that reading improve your mental health and well being.
  1. It slows down aging in the brain- research shows that doing creative or intellectual activities such as reading can slow cognitive decline by more than 30%.
  2. Reduces stress- reading can help reduce stress by taking your mind off of things you’re worried about. If you Immerse yourself in a good book, you can forget about “real life” for a while.
  3. It can encourage you to do something new- If you read an inspirational story or read about someplace new, you might be encouraged to do or travel someplace new.
  4. It makes you smarter- 5-15% of the words we learn come from reading. So even if all you do is read romance novels, you have a high probability of learning so something new.
  5. It improves your brain health- Each part of your brain is assigned a different task. vision, language, etc, they all work together to help you function. So if you neglect an area of the brain, like the reading part, the whole brain suffers.
  6. It can help you save money- as a form of entertainment it’s relatively inexpensive. And if you get a library card it’s free. So compared to the movies or a concert, its a cheap date.
So how do you start implementing this into your life? What I did was I put it on my calendar. 15 minutes of reading everyday. You could also set a book per month reading goal. No matter method you choose, reading is a great form of self improvement and entertainment. Give it a try and you’ll see results in no time.
So that’s the show for this week. Thanks for listening. If you  have any comments or questions on the things I spoke about today, please leave them in the comments below. You can email me at andres.thectepodcast@gmail.com if you want more information about the show or its sponsor.

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