EP003- The CTE Podcast- Learn a New Language and See Big Changes

Hello everybody and welcome to The CTE Podcast. Thanks for tuning in. I’m your host, Andres Paniagua. This podcast is brought to you by Cafe Tres Estrellas. CTE is an artisan small batch coffee roaster that specializes in fair trade organic coffee. If you need a good cup of coffee, visit them at www.cafetresestrellas.com. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the show.
This is episode 003 of the podcast and today I’ll be talking about the reasons why you should learn a new language.
In the previous episode I talked about the benefits of reading for self improvement. One of the benefits was that you could learn something new. Why not use the time you schedule for reading to learn a new language? You might be saying to yourself “why do I need to learn a new language? I’m not planning on going to a foreign country”.
The benefits of learning a new language all come back to brain health. Sure you could use your time to learn to play chess or learn about history, but learning a new language has some unique benefits.
For starters, it can make you a better English speaker. The process of learning a new language will make you aware of your deficiencies in your native tongue. Improving these deficiencies will make you a better speaker and writer in English.
Learning a new language also improves your memory. The need to learn vocabulary and then learning rules to use the vocabulary uses different parts of the brain. Exercises like these have been shown to delay and completely stop the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
And finally (at least for the sake of this podcast), it can help you improve your social skills. You can either use what you’ve learned to talk to others in your new langugage or attend a class and learn with others.
All that being said, I’ve decided to start learning French. I just downloaded the Duolingo app on my phone and I’m starting with the goal of 10 minuted a day. I’ll be keeping you guys updated on then I start and of my progress. And if anyone has any tips on learning a new language, I’d love you hear them. Merci in advance.
So that’s the show for this week. Thanks for listening. If you  have any comments or questions on the things I spoke about today, please leave them in the comments below. You can email me at andres.thectepodcast@gmail.com if you want more information about the show or its sponsor.

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