Get into a weekly routine!



Do you fly by the seat of your pants most days? Do you convince yourself that you work best “on the fly”? You might be hurting your progress more than you think.

Could you imagine of an airport ran that way? We wouldn’t be able to get anywhere. They follow a “strict” schedule so they can get the most people to where they have to be as fast as possible.

You should use this philosophy in your day to day lives. Making a schedule is one of the most productive tools that I’ve implemented in my own life.

There are various ways to do this of varying detail:

Method 1 would be to take one day a week (I use Sunday) and write down all your high level important activities and assign them to a day of the week. Assigning the task is very important.

Method 2 is to assign your tasks a day AND time. This is scheduled into your calendar (digital or paper). You then review your day every morning so you know what you have to do and when.

Both of these methods give your task importance. And by doing so you give them priority in your day. Until you get them down on paper, they are just ideas and not actions. Whichever method you come up with on your own, making a schedule make you aware of how much time you need to get all your tasks done for the week. You’ll be surprised about how much time you really have and how much you can get done.

Write yourself a letter.


Sometimes when you have to tell someone something bad, you opt to write them a letter, email or text. This way you don’t have to be there when you see their reaction. The fear of making someone angry or sad stops us from telling them the truth. Being able to tell them without having them in from of you removes all fear and you’re free to let them know exactly what you think.


With that in mind, you should sit down and write a letter to the most important person you know…yourself. Listen in and find out why using a pen and paper will give you the freedom to be honest with yourself.